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Aside from being a singer-songwriter, Leticia Walker is also a published author. She has currently written a new inspirational book entitled “Never Lucy” which talks about a journey of trials, triumphs, and faith. Her written work is available online and at your local bookstores.

This book is about a journey through a life of faith, love, hope and living beyond and in spite of your circumstances. Along the way, It takes a look at several social ills through the lens of personal experience .From gay bars to gospel music, we find that we need more love in the world. We are not perfect people. We often live colorful lives and God still loves us. He still blesses us. He is with us every day. He doesn’t care whom we share our lives with. He doesn't care what our ethnic background is. He doesn't care what we look like. However, He does care about how we treat people. He cares that we love. He cares that we help each other. He cares that we ask for forgiveness for sin and that we forgive others and so much more. I am passing on Gods message of unconditional love. We need more love in the world.

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Email us with the promo code found inside the book to receive the free track “Forever.”

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